Why “The PIECE”

Why “The PIECE?” For one,  “piece” is a strange word used in the art world to mean a work of art.  In art history, “piece” does not mean the work itself, but a part of it.  In art, a piece is the whole, a part of the whole, and at the same time the bits that we discard after chipping away when working on a glyptic sculpture. 

Also, I started a blog back in 2003 called “Nine Tons of Marble.” At  the time, I was working on two over-life-size sculptures in Italian marble. The block cut for the Virgin Annuncaite was nine tons of marble. I was so overwhelmed by the process, and often became paralyzed by the hugeness of it. It got done, not in fits of passion, but bit by bit, piece by piece. In fact, it’s the small things that we do each day that all together make up a life.


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