Sarah Hempel Irani is a young, figurative sculptor currently working in Northwest Pennsylvania. Sarah mainly works on commission, whereby a client hires her to make a unique, site-specific work of art based on the client’s needs, budget, and preferred materials. Sarah has a Master of Arts degree in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, where she focused on the relationship between artists, patrons, and their communities. She applies that knowledge- considering religious tradition, corporate life, and the client-community relationship- in each work of sculpture she executes.

Hempel Studios is a full-service studios, offering services and artwork beyond churches and portraiture. She also offers design consulations, garden sculpture, memorials, as well as a yet-to-be-revealed collection of two and three-dimensional artwork for collectors.

In this blog, Sarah will offer insight into life in the studio, tidbits from the history of art, commentary on contemporary art, community development through the arts, art in the news, and will delve into the work of art collecting.


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